Sphere of Tranquility



Birthday Mylar Balloon, #6

Get Well Mylar Balloon, #31

Anniversary Mylar Balloon, #33

Nature’s beauty is a world of art unto itself; and green plants, brought indoors, allow us to live with that art on a daily basis. This clear glass bubble bowl with a selection of ornamental plants creates an oasis of tranquility, and would make an excellent office gift. A selection of three green plants such as schefflera and dracaena are arranged in a 12” glass bubble bowl with river rocks and moss. Approximately 10" (W) x 14" (H)

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  • 12" Diameter Bowl


  • 10" Diameter Bowl


  • 8" Diameter Bowl


12" Diameter Bowl - $69.95

10" Diameter Bowl - $49.95

8" Diameter Bowl - $39.95